Affiliate Marketing 101



Affiliate Marketing is very much alive and well. It’s one of the most effective marketing systems in the world and consists of numerous collaborations upon a centralised network, stretching across dozens of websites, landing pages, and forums alike.

The way T DOT UK works is simple. The Affiliates we work with drive traffic to our network. We connect their leads with the appropriate lenders. If you’ve signed up with our growing network, and you’re thinking of ways in which you can boost your marketing, these are some steps you can consider.

Landing Pages

We believe very strongly in the importance of A/B testing. It’s an effective of way of directly seeing what works and what doesn’t. The same concept applies to landing pages. You can learn which keywords and designs perform best, giving you the results you’re looking for. T DOT UK offers our Affiliates free websites so you can have additional resources and promotional materials for extra support. It’s our way of making sure you’re successful in your efforts!

Build a Network of Links

This is when you begin linking relevant websites to your content and have other websites to link to the pages on your website as well. This strengthens your findability on the internet. You can observe how other successful Affiliates are backlinking by searching up a few common keywords to see which websites rank first, and then use a backlink checker to see the network of sites that have linked to them. This valuable information will get you started on how to create your own intricate system of backlinks to send more traffic to your landing page.

Optimise Your SEO

This covers a broad range of content, but generally speaking, you can optimise your on-page SEO by using important keywords in the industry. What words would a consumer search up if they needed a specific loan? You can also use a basic SEO analyser so show how you can better optimise the content on your website to get better ranking.

We have a dedicated team of expert Account Managers ready to guide you every step of the way. Please browse around our FAQs page for more helpful information!



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