8 Effective Ways to Start Promoting


For new website owners, the road to finding the right promotional outlet can be a bit winding. To help you start off on the right foot, here are eight of the most common promotional outlets available at your service!


Pay per click is usually not the first option that attracts new domain owners because it requires a small level of financial investment. However, one shouldn’t write off PPC altogether because it definitely works – especially for those with small budgets. PPC allows you to target your audience better, test your messages, and quickly drive in quality leads to your landing page. With the small amount of investment poured into PPC, the results are usually well worthwhile.

Email marketing is another popular promotional channel that shouldn’t cost a thing. From complex email drip campaigns to automated notifications and announcements, sending out emails to your existing and potential buyers could help generate more sales – if done right. The best email campaigns are ones that add value to people’s time. Use email to build trust and credibility with your consumers so they will keep returning.

Display Advertising

Display advertising could take many forms; mainly banners, audio, and even video messages. It doesn’t always take a measure of financial investment for display advertising if you use your own platforms to raise awareness. Social platforms are great avenues for display advertising!

Social Networks

Depending on your industry, you will target different social networks for the appropriate audience demographics. If you’re in the financial services industry, social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are perfect channels to promote your display ads. Videos seem to be the most engaging and relatable form of display advertising on social networks, so that could be a great place to start!


Many forums don’t allow for linking to personal websites at first, but interacting with forum members will build your credibility until you earn the privilege to include links in your posts. Forums connect you with very specific groups of people, so it’ll be extremely easy for you to target your audiences. When done correctly, signing up for forums could be the breakthrough your website needs.


Offline advertising includes things like email marketing and even in-person advertising tactics, like flyers and stickers. The many creative tunnels of offline advertising could be effectively combined with online. Say, for example, a consumer in your targeted region finds your poster for short-term loans posted near the bus stop. They decide to follow the link and is taken to your landing page. In this instance, your offline advertising has successfully raised awareness for your services. Focused offline advertising could have a wonderful amount of payoff if the promoter does the right research beforehand.


Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the most common way in which our affiliates drive traffic and advertise their financial services. The basics of SEO is to provide enough keywords and backlinks that your site will start ranking on popular search engines. SEO could be done by anyone, as long as he or she has the right knowledge and tools. A great place to read about smart SEO strategies are in forums, company blogs (like this one!), and websites dedicated to providing SEO tips and tricks.


Blogs contribute to SEO by providing valuable outlets for keywords and backlinks. By investing your time in writing informative blog posts, you will help your website’s ranking and provide valuable information for your consumers, which will ultimately increase their chances of coming back.

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