5 Smart SEO Strategies All Affiliates Should Know


As much as 80% of a website’s traffic begins with the search bar, so needless to say, SEO is a crucial part of digital marketing. Most of our lead generators should have no problem navigating the ever-evolving SEO world, but if you’re new to the scene, here are five effective SEO strategies you should familiarise yourself with:

Analyse Your Site Framework

By analysing your website framework closely, you will be able to figure out why you’re not receiving enough traffic and conversions. Using a free website analyser, you can find out your page loading speed, errors, warnings, solutions to those warnings, headline effectiveness, headline-to-body-content relevance, backlinks, interlinks, your overall SEO score, and more. Here are a few of our favourite website analysis tools:

With the wealth of information you’ll receive from these tools, optimise your website to immediately increase your SEO score.

Determine Your End User Value

Determining your end user value means to research what your users want to see the most in your particular niche. Think like Google. From the way Google tinkers with its algorithm to its strict quality control, they make it clear that they have their users’ best interest in mind. Google doesn’t exist to advertise to its users; it exists to bring answers to all of their users’ searches. That’s precisely why it is such a successful search engine. Likewise, conduct research on Quora and similar platforms to find out what your users are most interested in. Simply type in a relevant keyword, such as “loans,” to see which question receives the most answers. With this information, write and post articles that relate to their queries.

Make More Optimised Landing Pages

There’s nothing quite as high-converting as an optimised landing page. Landing pages are small streams of traffic, but they make a huge difference when employed in the right places to the right audiences. An optimised landing page can potentially be the answer to your sought-after SEO breakthrough.

It doesn’t take too much to create an optimised landing page. In fact, you’ll be happy to know that there’s somewhat of a formula when it comes to drawing in users’ interest; a sales funnel, if you will. We’ve written before on how to create high quality content and psychology of visual design, but the gist of it is this: everything on your page should support, not compete with, the main call to action. Your images, headlines, and page content should direct the user towards an eye-catching CTA. Once you create a landing page that works, create multiple variations of the same template and begin initiating relationships with your visitors.

Use Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Templates

According to a Compuware and Google, 48% of users admit feeling annoyed when they reach a website that’s not mobile friendly. The same infographic reveals that mobile-friendly websites make users 67% more likely to convert. With staggering statistics like that, who wouldn’t want to make their pages mobile friendly? Besides, the smartphone has now made browsing easier than ever. People are on their smartphones at every waking moment. If your website doesn’t support this technological shift, then Google won’t support your website. It’s that simple. Search engines like Google want to deliver the best results to their searchers, so if your website isn’t even optimised for mobile, then it won’t be endorsed by Google’s algorithm.

Create Infographics

You can easily double your website traffic with the right infographic! The established online marketer, Neil Patel, generated 2,512,596 visitors and over 41,000 backlinks within two years because of infographics. Consumers prefer infographics to plain text because it enhances their learning experience. Imagine searching up a question and receiving a simple illustration for an answer. That’s evidently better than processing through hundreds and hundreds of characters on a screen. To generate your own infographic, search up popular topics within your niche. Then, compile any interesting facts or statistics about your chosen topic. Finally, head on over to Canva or Piktochart and create your own infographic. Don’t forget to pitch it to multiple directories when you’re done!

We hope these SEO strategies will help you double down on your leads! To start generating an income with your traffic today, sign up to be an Affiliate!



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