5 SEO Tips to Get You Ranking


You’ve probably heard of all the basic SEO techniques, like creating valuable content or interlinking to your own pages, but doing these things alone will not get people to link to you. To be proactive in generating organic traffic, apply these tips on a regular basis.

SEO Tip #1: Track Your Competitor’s Links

Identify your main competitors and find their backlinks using free online services like OpenLinkProfiler.org. These services might not detect all of your competitors’ backlinks, but they will still provide quite a significant amount of insight for your research.

Once you get ahold of this valuable information, take note of which authority domains linked to them, which anchor words were most often used, and the context of the backlinks (Was it a press release, a guest post, or a forum post?). Evaluating these details will help you to pitch ideas that these authority websites want.

SEO Tip #2: Increase Your Site Speed

It is absolutely best practice to maintain a fast loading speed, as research has shown that Google might be taking page loading time into consideration when it comes to search engine scoring. You can test your current website speed using this free service or use Yslow, which also tells you specific features to change about your website.

Here are some surefire ways to starting increasing your website speed:

• Compress images
• Switch to a faster host
• Use a better layout (one that emphasizes more on written content rather than images)
• Fix your broken links

SEO Tip #3: Use Multiple Platforms

It’s never a smart idea to put all your eggs in one basket when you don’t have to. As a webmaster, you’re not chained to just one marketing platform (or even one website)! Trying creating multiple landing pages that lead to your true domain and use social networks to promote these different pages. The more platforms you operate, the more you can A/B test and find the best SEO marketing structure that works for you.

SEO Tip #4: Take Away Malicious Features

If your website has features that are considered malicious or non-compliant, search engines might lower your ranking score or even penalize you. Some of these bad practices include:

• Disabling the back button to force visitors to stay on your page
• Not giving visitors the option to cancel out of subscription pop-ups
• Autoplaying content (with sound)
• No contact information in sight
• Contains any malicious programs that hijacks, hacks, or scrapes user information
• Not only are these practices unethical, they also violate many compliance rules employed by most search engines. It would be best to avoid them.

SEO Tip #5: Stay on Top of Trends

If you have a blog, it is absolutely crucial that you stay on top of what’s trending in your industry. Even if you won’t end up writing about it, at least you’ll have a better understanding of what people are demanding. However, we do suggest that you incorporate industry-trending topics into your blog content because it’ll give you major SEO advantage. You can pitch the blog post or use it to build interlinks. The trending keywords themselves will already help your website’s findability.

We hope that these tips will equip you on your journey to generate more leads. If you want more useful SEO tips, take a look at the rest of our blog. You’ll discover some great, well-researched insight!

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