5 Magical Lead Conversion Strategies


We’ve written before on some of the most innovative ways to increase your sales conversion rates, but here are five more ways to boost your numbers!

Lead Conversion Strategy #1: Create a Space of “Belonging”

With your careful word choices, create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for your website visitors. Invite your potential clients to join in on the fun. People are generally afraid of missing out on good deals, so if you demonstrate the uniqueness of your product and offer your consumers the chance to have this rare opportunity, they will most likely feel more motivated to sign up for your product or service. The goal is to be as inclusive and personal as possible while extending this unique opportunity to your prospective clients.

Lead Conversion Strategy #2: Address the Common Enemy

One fantastic way to bond with others is by addressing the common enemy. Pysch2Go.net explains, “When two individuals share a common dislike for a certain [person or thing], it brings them closer.” This notion is confirmed in our personal experiences as well. Have you ever bonded with someone because you both abhorred the same things? Use this knowledge to your advantage and connect with your clients over a common enemy. The common enemy is the main issue that your product or service resolves.

Lead Conversion Strategy #3: Inspire

Who doesn’t like to be inspired? When it comes to converting leads (or creating new ones), one of the best ways to approach is marketing is through inspiration. Carnegie Mellon professor, George Lowenstein, “discovered that when there is a gap between what we know and what we want to know, we will take action to fill that gap.” Inspire your clients through curiosity; create “an itch that needs to be scratched.” You can do this by giving examples of what they can be if they had your product. Commercials about men’s products do this constantly. They help the targeted audience visualise what he would be (or who he could be with) if he bought their product. Inspire your clients to think outside the immediate present.

Lead Conversion Strategy #4: Demonstrate Compliance

You can demonstrate compliance by having a terms and conditions page and by being clear with your privacy policy. It is highly worthwhile to demonstrate compliance, even though this is an aspect that’s often overlooked. Compliancy will legitimise your business and establish a sense of confidence within your customers that can be very difficult to obtain in certain industries.

Lead Conversion Strategy #5: Nurture

Finally, we have the nurturing aspect of leads conversion. To nurture your leads is to establish a relationship with them so that they can be more sales ready. The best way to go about this is to combine nurturing campaigns with outbound strategies, like paid advertising and things of that nature. Think of your outbound marketing campaigns to be the filters, and your inbound marketing campaigns to be the safety net underneath. Whoever falls through the filters of your outbound advertisements will be caught by your nurturing campaigns.

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