12 Quick Lead Generation Tips for 2020


Those who work in affiliate marketing know that the need to generate a steady stream of quality leads never stops. An effective lead generation strategy is the key to staying profitable and in business. This is even more true in 2020, as the world has been jolted by a pandemic that has turned lives upside-down and created an atmosphere of economic uncertainty.

But consumers are still looking for products and essential services, even as lead generation companies are forced to navigate an unpredictable environment and new behaviour from customers. From insurance to financial services to other verticals, every affiliate is faced with the prospect of generating leads to stay on track this year.

There are many fast and easy methods that lead generation professionals can turn to if they want to keep their head above water—or even master the high seas—during the tumultuous tempest that is 2020.

  1. Build a mobile-friendly website: this year people are on their phones more than ever.
  1. Add a blog to your website and fill it with quality content as way to boost SEO rankings and gain consumer trust.
  1. Employ a personalized approach by sending emails or other messages that identify consumers by name.
  1. Use every marketing channel at your disposal—social media, blogs, guest posts, PPC—in order to reach leads wherever they might be.
  1. Make sure that your call-to-action is impossible to ignore. One good tip is to have your CTA as a contrasting colour to the rest of your website.
  1. Be available! Take steps so that site visitors can reach out to you with questions. This can be a phone number, chatbot, or ‘Contact Us’ web form.
  1. Utilize email marketing to follow up with recent site visitors or to re-target past clients. Use automated emails to nurture prospective customers.
  1. Don’t use negative language (especially while there’s so much troubling news). Keep things positive, bright, and enthusiastic in order to get better engagement from prospects.
  1. Keep your blog up-to-date by posting new content regularly.
  1. Encourage past converted customers to leave reviews of their experience or share their satisfaction over social media.
  1. Construct and test a deliberate sales funnel so you know what your customer’s journey will look like.
  1. Optimize your signup forms so that things go smoothly and there are no final barriers to those who are ready to convert.

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