10 Marketing Tools to Help You Succeed in Lead Generation


Lead generation is a competitive industry, but you don’t have to navigate this journey on your own. There are hundreds of free tools you can use to make your journey a lot smoother. Like the saying goes, “Don’t just work hard, but work smart.” We’ve found that these ten marketing tools enable users to work more efficiently than ever. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is perhaps one of the best free tools available for digital marketers. It’s a detailed traffic tool to help webmasters analyse their organic searches, social referrers, keyword searches, and a ton of other crucial traffic information. If you need a free all-in-one analyser tool for your campaigns, Google Analytics is the way to go.


Social media plays a huge role in the success of lead generators, regardless of the industry. We are living in the age of social media. Most of the developed world has social media, whether they are consumers or businesses. As a lead generator, your best interest lies in establishing a commanding presence on the social media platforms that are most relevant to your audience, and Hootsuite makes that process unbelievably easier. With Hootsuite, you can schedule all your social posts beforehand, reply to comments and mentions through one comprehensive platform, and organise influencers.


Trello is a tool that helps content creators stay organised. If you want to maximise your time and efficiency, start organising your projects on Trello. This tool is also ideal for group projects because you can easily break down your collaborations into steps and invite all your influencers to participate. Trello eliminates the confusion and frustration that often comes from miscommunication.


From free research statistics to blogging advice, sales strategies, and dozens of lead management tools, HubSpot is the all-encompassing marketing software for anyone who wants to improve their SEO and marketing campaigns.

SEO Centro Analyser

SEO Centro’s detailed Analyser tool gives digital marketers the complete look at their website’s SEO ratings. With the SEO Analyser, you can view your SEO score based on a multitude of on and off-page factors, such as your title relevancy, description relevancy, XML sitemap, keywords, and more. With this information, you can improve your content to raise your SEO ratings.

Constant Contact

One of the most important marketing strategies for lead generators is email marketing, which can be easily implemented through Constant Contact. Similar to MailChimp in nature but unique in its features, Constant Contact enables users to automate their email campaigns, choose from a variety of beautiful templates, and view their analytics in depth.

Open Site Explorer

Moz’s Open Site Explorer is a proprietary backlink checker that does much more than meets the eye. Other than tracking your backlinks, it also analyses your top pages, pinpoints your anchor texts, presents a spam analysis, and even gives you link opportunities. This is an all-around great tool for anyone who needs to optimise their linking system.


SEMrush is the go-to tool for every SEO enthusiast because it is free, thorough, and easy to use. Besides getting an in-depth look at your organic traffic and backlinks, the unique feature about this tool is that it allows you to create comparison tables of your competitors. By laying out the analytics side by side, you will get a better idea of what your competition is doing and what you need to do.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools boasts 20 helpful free tools for all to use, such as a domain age checker, backlink checker, reverse image search, keyword density checker, and many other equally valuable tools for lead generators. Once you use Small SEO Tools, you might not want to go anywhere else for SEO services because this website seems to have it all! The best part is that Small SEO Tools generously offers their services for free.


Pingdom boasts “world class website monitoring,” a title that we admit is hard to beat. Pingdom allows its users to monitor their competitors in real time, sending notifications whenever the competitors gain an authoritative backlink or experiences a traffic spike. It also gives users important insight on their own platforms, pinging users whenever there is a signup, search, or downloaded file.

With the help of these tools, your SEO strategies will be as smooth and efficient as possible. To start earning money with your growing traffic, sign up to be an Affiliate today!



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